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How to get UserNames in SPO-list with Graph

For instance, you have a SharePoint Online List with a bunch of users in it (column field ‘People’), for example ‘Users who followed training’. And now you want to check if each M365-Group member has followed training. In this post I’ll explain how I did it. I’ve created a function ‘Get-ListUsersWhoFollewedTraining’. The first step is…

Viva Connections Default Landing Page

Microsoft Viva Connections is the Microsoft gateway to a modern employee experience and is designed to keep everyone engaged and informed. Viva Connections is a customizable app in Microsoft Teams that gives different audiences in your organization a personalized destination to discover other Viva apps your organization is licensed for, relevant news, conversations, and the…

Organization Assets Library for Images

If your organization needs to store and manage images for all your users to use, you can specify one or more document libraries on a SharePoint site as an “Organization Asset Library”. You can specify up to 30 Organization Asset Libraries for a single organization. All of these libraries must be on the same site….

Create Line chart with PowerShell

My ProductOwner gave me an assignment: “Twice a day I receive an email with an attachment. Each attachement contains an excel file with open sessions of Citrix; at 10:00 and at 14:00. Managed devices are on the first tab; the Unmanaged devices on the second. Can you gerenate an line-chart for me so I can…

Only pass parameter if value is supplied

To reduce lines of code, it would be nice if you can only add parameter if they have a value. For instance when you want to install a PowerShell-Module. The way I did it before is like this: [IST] [SOLL] It would be nice, if there was something like this: [Solved] Unfurtunately that wasn’t working….

Connect to Graph Application with your credentials

Does your company have the policy not to use ClientSecret of Certificate when connecting to the Graph Application, as ClientSecret and Certificate can be used by unauthorized persons? In a lot of posts online, I only read about using ClientSecret or if that wasn’t possible using Certificate. But I needed none of that; I wanted…

How to setup SPO Custom Error Page

Do you want a better looking 404 page for modern SharePoint Online Communication Sites? When someone enters a wrong URL of receives a link to a page that has already been deleted, they can be redirected to a Custom Error Page. Here you can explain the situation and direct the visitor to the homepage. Before…